Marketing Plan of pizza business in Saudi Arabia Essay.

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Details:Write the Marketing Plan of Saudi Arabia. Regarding the product that selling in this Saudi Arabia, you can choose one of these three product categories, including Frozen,microwave pizza individual size, scented candles or low calorie chocolate bars. Attention: This paper should be written based on the previous researching papers, such as the cultural analysis of saudi arabia, the economy analysis of saudi arabia, the competitive marking audit in saudi arabia. About the marketing plan, please choose either pizza business or calorie chocolate bas business as the main business in saudi arabia. In addition, this final marketing plan should be written based on the results of previous research paper



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



Executive Summary

The Market plan acts combines all the previous research in Saudi Arabia to bring out a comprehensive layout of all the activities aimed at introducing the eco-friendly microwave – HotCooker Microwave into the Saudi market. Saudi Arabia is a small country located in the Arabia Gulf – Middle East. The major economic driver in Saudi Arabia is natural oil and Gasoline. However, the natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate, therefore, the government and economic stakeholders are turning to energy saving fuel appliances. HotCooker Microwave Oven presents itself as a device that will aid in achieving the vision of protecting the oil resources for the country’s future sustainability. Using excellent marketing tools, the HotCooker aims at gathering a 45% market share by 2015. The document lists both qualitative and quantitative market objectives. The paper proceeds to the situational analysis through the SWOT analysis. Also in the marketing plan, the promotional mix, distribution plan, and pricing strategies
have been explained in detail.








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