Marketing Research: Disruptive behavior Essay.

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Details:My course resources must be used with this paper: Effective Teaching Method Research-Based Practice (7th Ed) by Gary Borich, Comprehensive Classroom Management by Vern Jones and Louise Jones, Pathways to Teaching Series Teaching Methods by Charlotte Danielson, Teaching Actively Eight Steps And 32 Strategies to Spark Learning in any Classroom by Mel Silberman and any journal entry, book, video within the last 10 years. We can not use interviews. So that\’s a total of 4 sources and this must be APA style



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Marketing research is a vital component of any business strategy. It involves organized efforts to collect and record data about customers, consumers, and market trends. Marketing research helps an organization in creating business plans, launching new products, expanding new markets, and upgrading the existing products or services. Marketing research helps organizations to optimize the potential markets based on variables like gender, age, location, and economic status. Kotler finds marketing research as a crucial tool in finding the characteristics of the targeted markets, and expanding those markets (2006, Pg. 194). Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty gourmet food store based in San Diego. Recently the organization has experienced tremendous improvements in the efficiency of service delivery and its consumer purchase trends. In expanding their products and services, Kudler Fine Foods utilized marketing research as a primary tool for success. Marketing research was a key figure in expanding their markets, identifying potential customers, analyzing consumer trends, and integrating the business strengths and weaknesses. This paper justifies the importance of market research at Kudler Fine Foods, analyzes the importance of competitive advantage, and suggests areas for further research on the markets surrounding the organization.


About Kudler Fine Foods


With its headquarters in San Diego Metropolitan, Kudler Fine Foods has grown to incorporate three locations in La Jolla, Encinitas, and Del Mar. The specialty food store deals with products such as bakery products, fresh produce, fresh meat, sea food, dairy products, and package foods. The company is driven by the mission of offering customers delightful and pleasing shopping experience with the aid of the knowledgeable staff (Kudlers, 207). The company has always been identified with the slogan to “shop the world” for the finest products. In gaining its competitive advantages, the company carefully selects a top talent that forms the cream of its team members. Also, special with the organization is its ability to segment its markets to focus on the customers who acquire the finest of epicurean delights. The founder, Kathy Kudler used to be a Vice-President of the Marketing segment of a large corporate firm. With a vast experience in the pressure of the corporate life, she explored the opportunities for developing a business, so she settled on gourmet cooking, on further speculation; she expanded her idea to upscale epicurean food. After a rigorous market research, Kathy developed a business plan in which she identified La Jolla as a strategic location, within a few months of sourcing for finances; Kudler Fine Foods was opened June 1998. The enterprise realized profitability within the first year of establishment, in 2000, they opened a new outlet in Del Mar, and by 2003, a third shop had opened in 2003. Over the years, the staff at Kudler Fine Foods has traversed the world in search for the finest collection of products including wines and spirits, bakery products, meat and seafood, vegetable produce, and dairy products.


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