Maupassant’s Contribution to the Art and Craft of the Short Story Essay.

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This term paper will be dedicated towards the auto industry and their sustainability in a global aspect. With times changing and the auto industry striding to keep profits up they are required to adapt to continue providing to their consumers. As oil prices continue to rise this impacts the auto industry and they must find a way to adapt to the striving economy OEMS collaborate to develop alternative powertrains with lower emissions to comply with the regulatory pressures, however demand is still sluggish as technology and development is still new. With the latest global recession it really put a damper on the auto industry landscape, even though the industry is recovering all the auto industries across the value chain must focus on profitable and sustainable growth, financial and operational sustainability, this will require new investments in new technologies and seizing opportunities in high-growth markets. If you lead an automotive business, you need to anticipate trends, identify implications and make informed decisions that support your business goals.
This is just the tip of the iceberg and with consistent sustainability across the globe as this may not be the easiest journey it can be accomplished. If we look at every auto manufacture out there they are just as competitive as let’s say the NFL if they play like the NFL, there will be serious consequences in the end and they may never conquer or even get back over the hill of recession if they do not work together and create a global sustainability within the auto industry. It seems as a majority if not all of the auto manufactures have taken a huge hit on profits, but in 2012 it shows sustainability reports and they are slowly but surely increasing their profits due to the approach on the greener side of the pasture.


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Guy de Maupassant is acclaimed as one of the most successful french writers of the 19th century. Maupassant was amaster of the short story, a novelist, and a journalist. Most of his stories were done in 1870s, and revolve around the Franco Prussian War. During his writing career, he wrote works like ‘The Meeting,’ ‘Rosalie Prudent’, and ‘The Lancer’s Wife.’ However, the story “Ball of Fat” is often considered his masterpiece, while the most controversial story is ‘Le Horla’, which describes his madness. One of his most profound contribution to the short story would be his ability to depict real individuals coupled with humor and straight sexuality. Maupassant may still be remembered today because of the nature of his stories that possessed distinct tautness, elegance, and the economy of composition


Source of Maupassant’s Inspiration


One significant question explores the events in Maupassant’s life that inspired him to become a great writer. To respond to this question, it is important to look at Maupassant;s experiences as ayoung child, his education, career, social life, as well as his literary instruction and apprenticeship.


Young Maupassant


Maupassant grew up in his local Normandy. Despite his family being aristocratic, Maupassant’s father did not have to work; they lived a life above average. The young Maupassant grew amid a cracked family relationship; at the age of 11 years, his mother separated with the husband due to his womanizing demeanor (BBC 2000).


Education and Career


Maupassant was a performer in school; he joined a law school in 1836 in Paris. Nevertheless, he abandoned his studies at 20 to serve as a soldier during the Franco Prussian war. His mother detected his proficiency in writing in the letters she received from Maupassant from the field. On return from the war, his mother introduced him to Madame Bovary who inspired him into the world of literature. Soon he would meet great writers such as Emilie Zola, Henry James, and Ivan Tergenev (Powell 283). Maupassant heeded to the counsel of his mentors and despite the hurdles posed by his mother’s illness and civil work; he would spend his evening writing. He was so resilient tat even in his weakest days, he would still write short stories and novels; this may be viewed as his secret to success. Although his career barely lasted 10 years, Maupassant’s success is deemed incredible. He abandoned his civil duties and devoted his life to writing, in 1883, he successfully completed “une vue” (A Woman’s Life).

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