Measuring Health and Disease Essay

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Case Assignment

As part of a State Budget and Appropriations Subcommittee, you have
been charged with reviewing health data of local health jurisdictions
and establishing priorities for funding for the upcoming fiscal year. 1.Calculate and compare the crude and age-specific death rates for
each of the three counties (refer to the information Crude, Specific,
and Adjusted Rates in the module homepage). Based on the crude death
rate, which county appears to have the greatest need for funding? Does
the age-specific death rate change your view regarding which county
has a greater need for funding? Explain. Why is it possible to have a
low crude rate and higher age-specific death rates?

Here’s a snippet of the essay.


Baldwin County has the highest crude death rate at 90.1179 deaths per a thousand populations. This means that it is experiencing 90117.9 deaths for its entire population in a given period of time. There it has the greatest need for funding since it has the highest death rate as compared to San Marino County and Eagle Rock County. In our case our age specific rate comprises of individual above 67 years ages comprises of the old and those have already hit the life expectancy age. Age specific death rate can be considered for funding since it comprises of old people who are prone to dangerous diseases and are also neglected by their families. They are weak and can only depend on relative or government.


It is possible for a county to experience low crude death rate and a higher specific death rate depending on which cohort forms the population. In our case, Eagle Rock County and San Marino County have higher specific death rate than crude death rate .we can associate this with the fact that the two counties may be facing low reproduction rate.

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