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Details: Evaluate the outcomes that are used to measure progress
towards meeting the Millennium health goals. Write a 3-4 page paper
discussing ONE goal in the context of the following: What is the
goal? Why is this important in terms of the health of a nation? Is this an important goal to have in your particular community? Why or why not? Be sure and cite local health data to support your conclusions. You may wish to refer to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization for health statistics for your particular community. What strategies are in place to impact this particular health goal in your community? Who is monitoring that health goal and what measurements are they using to represent the progress of this goal? What is nursing’s role in working towards the Millennium Development Goals? Include a minimum of
two scholarly sources.




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As a people of earth, it is our duty to make the world better however we can. It is only proper to find and make use of all means and avenues to help each other out and do the same for the planet so that we can grow stronger. The global institutions of health and medical research in corporation with the governments of the world have also seen the importance of this. This led to development of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that place health at the heart of development. Good health of both the earth and its residents so as to lead the human race into an age of development and prosperity.


Measures of Progress towards Meeting Millennium Health Goals


            In the year 2000, 189 UN member states came together at the Millennium Summit. Deliberations in the meeting caused the adoption of the Millennium Declaration that included commitments to development, protecting the environment and poverty eradication. In the following year, the Road Map for implementing the Millennium Declaration laid out by the UN Secretary General was formally unveiled. It consisted of eight goals that we now know as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals focused the world community on achievement of significant and measurable improvements in lives of people by 2015.


The eight goals that make up the list of MDGs are: 1) Poverty and hunger eradication, 2) Universal primary education, 3) Women empowerment and gender equality, 4) Lowering child mortality rates, 5) Maternal health improvement, 6) Fighting malaria, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, 7) Environmental sustainability and 8) Creating global partnerships for development. The UN Secretary-General issues an annual report that shows the progress made towards the implementation of the MDGs. Some of the outcomes and indicators for monitoring the MDG initiative’s progress include: An overall reduction of the number of people earning below a dollar a day, increased growth rate of the GDP per person employed and a reduction in prevalence of underweight children under five years due to hunger for MDG-1. Other expected outcomes include the reduction of the maternal mortality rate for MDG-5 and improved global market access for MDG-8.


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