Military Intervention in the Rwandan Genocide Essay

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Details: Guidelines for the seminar papers Research question should have explanatory diminution (i.e. why? element) a few example why Ethiopian military intervene in Somalia? What were the causes of soviet entrapment in Afghanistan? What caused Israel to pull out its forces from south Lebanon in 2000? Why did no substantial outside force intervene militarily in Darfur?



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Military intervention has become a contentious subject since the end of the Cold War.  The dissolution of the Soviet Union diminished the East-West power struggle over spheres of influence that had previously characterized international politics. The fall of the Soviet Union also inflamed ethnic conflicts that had been slowly brewing under Soviet oppression. However, the economic and socio-political collapse of the region’s superpower meant that the United Nations would play a more active role in international mediation. The UN’s interventions in Bosnia and Kosovo broadened the functions and heightened the expectations of the U.N.’s efficacy in inter- and intrastate conflicts. Selectivity of intervention was justified based on moral and military necessity. Support for interventions, particularly those considered humanitarian in nature, has increased since the conflict in the Balkans, however the reasons behind selectivity are increasingly questioned.  In this paper I will focus on the military intervention of humanitarian crisis that occurred in Rwanda in 1994 as warranted by classical strategic philosophy outlining just war practices as well as contemporary international law and human rights standards. Specifically, I will argue the justifications for military intervention that ought to take place to mitigate the genocide. Applying the principle of the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ from the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, Just War Theory and the Genocide Convention, I explain how Rwanda met sufficient criterion, which validated a military intervention.  I will also provide common counterarguments to each of my justifications for intervention, but will outline the reasons why the Rwandan genocide was assumed by the international community despite having met the criterion for military intervention.

Research questions


. In order to understand the circumstances that surrounded the state of military intervention, the study employs several research questions.


  1. Did the Rwandan situation merit the criteria for military intervention?
  2. What did the UN do and what was it supposed to do?
  3. Would UNAMIR intervention have saved lives?





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