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Details:Please see the attached proposal. You can follow the same
format as the proposal or you can do the whole case study on your own
way. You can use any relevant information as reference. The writing
part should be about 30 pages . Images,data, and reference should be
about 10 pages

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Here’s a snippet of the essay.



The use of mobile devices among organizations has been increasing exponentially in the recent past. Mobile devices have had a significant role in shaping the people work, live, and communicate. Employees use their private mobile gadgets at work as organizations devise ways of making business productivity and personal capabilities greater through increased communication bandwidths, robust platform features, and strong hardware performance. The modern day mobile device has been pampered with applications such as GPS, Internet Connectivity, e-mail sending capabilities, and social media apps. Their use in the business environment has increased productivity; however, it exposes the business to millions of security threats. This implies that mobile devices like tablets and smartphones require multiple security objectives such as integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Achieving these objectives requires the devices to be secured against the threats (Zorz, 2010). This dissertation aims at highlighting the major security threats, and suggesting ways that could help enterprises manage and secure their mobile devices. The paper will provide recommendations selection, implementation, and use of central management technologies for securing mobile devices throughout their life-cycle. The scope of the paper includes both personal and organization-owned security measures.

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