Moneyball Essay.

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Details:I need a survey paper about structured modeling. About half of
the paper should be a survey of the five papers provided and the other
half should be thoughts regarding the papers. This paper should be
divided into sections starting with Introduction and ending with
Conclusions. Feel free to created body sections as needed. Please use
some of the figures from the papers. I will send my pdf sources via
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Moneyball is an American sports drama film based on a true story from the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis that narrates about the Oakland Athletics baseball team in the 2002 season. The movie directed by Bennett Miller gives an account of how the Oakland Athletics being among the poorest teams in baseball, won so many games in 2002. The general manager of the team, Billy Beane attempts to reinvent his team to a competitive one on a tight budget with the help of his assistant Paul Brand.


Beane, after losing to the New York Yankees in the 2001 postseason, was upset and sought a new approach to the game of baseball and came up with a system that evaluates players using statistical analysis. Beane resulted to statistics because the team did not have enough finances to acquire highly paid and valued players for the team. Brand selected players based on their on-base percentage (OBP). Brand assembled a team of undervalued players with a high OBP who in normal circumstances would have been dismissed by scouts. The team of undervalued players would not require high budgets but in the real sense they were more valuable than what the Oakland Athletics team could afford with their budget. Beane supported Brand’s strategy despite objections from scouts and hired the players he had selected. Brand, using raw statistics, determined the talents in baseball players that were most underrated and ignored. Brand also sought players who had been overlooked by franchises on the basis that they did not fit the part and saw past the criticism to identify potential. The success of Beane’s techniques prompted other bigger franchises to follow suit. Teams in the Major League baseball now assess players based on their potentials. Focus is placed on what a player can do and putting the player in a position where he can do what he does best rather than dismissing him for what he cannot do. Moneyball technique enables small teams with low budgets to stand a chance against the teams with the highest payrolls.


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