Motivation Profile at Microsoft Essay

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Details:Microsoft Motivational Profile Paper A 2,000 – to 2,200 word paper, using a minimum of six sources other than the course text, discussing the motivational strategies of a successful, cutting-edge corporation. Once your instructor has approved your choice of company, your paper and presentation should cover the following four topical areas: 1. Background of the industry a.A brief history of the business b.Products and services offered c.Financial information for the last five years 2. Corporate culture and management a.Mission statement b.Organizational structure c.Decision-making strategies 3. Motivational strategies – identify in your paper which of the following strategies the selected company uses to motivate employees: a. Employee empowerment b. Selection and training c. Incentives d. Benefits e. Quality programs f. Managerial roles g. Goals and objectives h. Performance appraisals i. Job design j. Alternative work schedules k. Stress management l. Leadership style m. Other 4. Analysis Consider what makes working for this company a positive experience for its employees. What is the essence of its approach to motivation? How does it combine the use of various motivational techniques to be successful? How is the combination of techniques that it uses unique in any way? Do the company’s motivational strategies serve as an attraction for new employees, or do they improve employee retention? What can you take as best practices from their example? What can you improve upon? Make recommendations on the specific steps the company could take to address deficiencies. Learning Teams will submit a working draft of the final papers for evaluation to the Center for Writing Excellence in Week Three. The final paper (which should incorporate changes recommended by the Center for Writing Excellence) and presentation are due Week Five.


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Microsoft Corporation is a US multinational corporation with its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It manufactures, develops, supports, licenses, and sells computer software, personal computers, consumer electronics, and services. The most established products include Microsoft windows series of operating systems, the internet explorer web browser, and Microsoft Office suites. Some of the Microsoft’s flagship hardware products include the Microsoft Surface line of tablets, and the Xbox game consoles. The corporation is the world’s leading software manufacturer, and one of the most valuable companies in the world in terms of revenues.


Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the corporation developed and sold basic interpreters for the Altair 8800. In the Mid – 1980s, the company had risen to dominate the computer operating system market when it produced the MS-DOS. In 1986, Microsoft announced its Initial Public Offering and subsequently raised its share price thus creating three billionaires and about 12, 000 millionaires among its employees. Since the 1990s, the corporation has greatly diversified from the operating system market to incorporate a number of corporate acquisitions (Tsang, 2009). In May 2011, Microsoft made a great step in purchasing Skype Technologies at a cost of $8.5. The company’s products are not limited to the computer software and hardware markets, it has ventured into a wide range of products including internet search, video games, mobile phones, and digital service markets. As of 2014, Microsoft still dominates both the office software suite and the IBM PC – compatible operating system markets.





The mission of Microsoft is to enable people and businesses across the world to realize full potential. They consider the mission statement as a commitment to their customers. They deliver on that commitment through creating technologies that are accessible to everyone irrespective of the age or abilities. Consistent with the mission statement, Microsoft has kept on producing software and products that are safe and accessible to everyone.


Organization Structure


The corporation is segmented into five separate business segments: Server and Tools; Client; Online Services Business; Entertainment and Devices Division; and Microsoft Business Division. Each segment is independent and focuses on its own concentrations. There is a board of director comprised of nine directors, 18 executives, and nine independent directors. There is standard code of conduct in business operations, and every leader should adhere to the code. There is also the department of legal and corporate affairs with maintains the legal as well as company policies in compliance with Microsoft’s business integrity.

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