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How to Write a Movie Review Essay

The following steps are useful whenever you want to write an above-average movie review. This guide might not make you a movie review guru, but it is worth a shot!

Watch the movie

The first step towards writing a great movie review is to watch the film. It is best that you watch the movie in a relaxed environment that you are familiar with so that you can avoid distractions from an unfamiliar room. If the time allows, watching the movie a second time helps you to absorb more details about the movie. Like many other reviewers, maybe you could try taking notes in the process of watching the movie. Taking notes helps you in developing a good movie review essay thesis

Give your opinion

Most movie reviewers will give their opinion about the movie. You should express your opinion of the film but in this case you should support your criticism. Whatever feeling you get after watching the movie you should give a valid reason even when you feel the reasons are obvious. At no point should the review look like you are against an actor, a director, the script writer. That will be a failed review.

Consider the audience

As you write your review, put in mind the audience. These are the readers of your movie review. Writing a movie review for adults will be different from writing a movie review for children.

Rate the actors

Who are the actors starring in the movie? Do you think that they acted well according to what you expected from the plot and other story elements? If not consider if the shortcomings have been hampered by a weak script or if the director didn’t do something right. It is appropriate to tell the reader what you think the performers, the screenwriters, or the filmmakers improve the movie work better.

The structure of the movie

Did the movie have a dull storyline that was so predictable?

Evaluate the technical elements

Consider how the cinematography, lighting, editing sounds music, and any other components affect the movie. Do they support or detract from the film? How well was that movie and directed? These are parts that you should consider when writing a movie review. Did the lighting match the mood of particular scenes?

Evaluate the movie

Do you recommend the film or not? Who would make the best audience for the movie? Most importantly explain the reasons for your recommendation.

In the writing of a movie review, have fun. Write as if you are speaking to a friend. Don’t be afraid to crack jokes.

After the review is written, be the first to read it. It can be quite embarrassing to note errors in your work after publication or submission. It can cost you some grades if you are a student. Correct your review of any grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and maybe the choice of words.

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