My Innovation: Corporate Fitness Essay.

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Write a paper of 1,500-2,500 words. You need to outline the various sections of this final paper as you go through each module in this class. The paper should use at least three models related to innovation from your reading or research.

Structure the final paper to include the following sections:

  1. Opportunity: Describe the problem that will be solved, or the opportunity that will be realized, through the innovation you will be developing in this class.
  2. Ensuring Success: Define the importance of innovation to assuring success for you personally and for the organization for which you will be developing an innovation for this class.
  3. Impact on Results: Hypothesize the impact on the organization’s results that your innovation will have.
  4. The Innovation: Describe the innovation (product, service, process, management practice, and technology or business model) you will be developing for this class.
  5. Creating Customer Value: Explain how the innovation you will be developing will help meet customer needs, create customer value, and impact your organization’s results.
  6. Implementation Process: Describe the process you might use to implement the innovation in your organization.
  7. Measuring the Impact: Identify how you will measure the impact your innovation makes on customers and/or on your organization.
  8. Reflection on Learning: Reflect on the types of learning you might have obtained from the process of developing an innovation.

Include at least eight in-text citations to at least four articles from your research.



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



Innovation may be described as the magic pixie of the current age. For many businesses, the ability to render innovative solutions in a sustainable manner calls upon strategic organizational framework focused at business growth. The role of leaders today in the business world is to create innovative business models that are agile, flexible, and cultures that encourage quick cycle time innovation, and lateral collaboration. The major challenge is how to determine the kind of organizational designs best support the business models and strategies for the business at hand (Charantimath, 2006). This paper uses the case of a company known as “Feelgood Fitness.” The paper will show how innovativeness in the business models can create a competitive edge and increase the overall production in a company. The innovation will incorporate a new business model known as “The New Corporate Fitness.”


The business in context is called “Feelgood Fitness.” This is a small fitness firm situated in Seattle; it serves to community in providing fitness services to build better livelihoods for the general population. The business’ core mission is to provide fitness services such as weight training programs, aerobics, yoga, gymnastics, swimming classes and gymnastics. The main focus of this business is physical fitness. Everyday, clients enrolled to the annual programs report to the gymnasium to work out. The main clientele seems to be middle level working class. Major fitness sessions run from 5pm to 8.30pm. The business is managed by a recreational manager and he is assisted by fitness experts who entail massage therapists, exercise scientists, and weight trainers who major in calisthenics. Clients include individuals who enroll in personal fitness programs as well as group fitness programs.


The business concept that would drive my business strategy would focus on the corporate fitness rather than individual fitness. The concept would be grounded in the slogan that “a healthy nation is a working nation.” Narrowing this slogan into an organizational level would mean that organizations would perform better when they are ran by healthy personnel as opposed to unhealthy personnel. Corporate fitness would serve the Seattle Business area and help them become more productive, while lowering the operational costs.


2.0 Opportunity


The current efforts of leveraging healthcare crisis, coupled with the wrong lifestyle practices and demographic changes not only exacerbate the health crisis, but also lower worker productivity. These forces in the external environment, coupled with the competitive situation within industries signal an excellent opportunity for an innovative venture in the fitness industry. It is, indeed the right time to start “The New Corporate Fitness”

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