National Security and Privacy Essay

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Details: Politicians often use white lies and slippery slopes to get
what they want. Is it the government’s right to private citizen’s
information or should privacy be above national security? Argue your


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Protecting national security is by far more important as compared to privacy. One of the sources of pride for United States and all who inhabit it is the freedom that prevails. Different government agencies are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that freedom, and the entitlement of every person to live freely. At times, the government may invade personal privacy to protect the larger national security, and other citizens. While any person has the right to stay free from government control of their personal life, the government in turn has the prerogative of ensuring that personal rights do not compromise national security. The freedom US citizens enjoy also comes at a cost; the government has set up infrastructure to monitor personal daily activities to ensure that they do not expose the country to the risk of invasion or overthrowing the government. One of the most glaring instances that proofs the case for national security being more valuable than personal security would be the September 11 terror attack; the attacks in New York changed the entire perception of the National Security; they believe it should precede anything else.


According to Thomas (27) national security may be defined as all measures adopted by a nation to safeguard the security of itself, citizens, or subjects. He further explains that protecting citizens is an obligation as well as a right of the government. Thomas also explains that there should be a fine line between the maintenance of peace and order, and what citizens would have to tolerate to have the same peace and order. One thing that clearly stands out here is the fact that even as the government endeavors to protect itself from external attacks and invasions; it must strive to uphold the privacy of all citizens in the country. The same way, citizens should reciprocate by allowing the government to execute their security operations irrespective of negative opinions that might compromise security operations.

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