NR500_W6 Assignment SL Scavenger Hunt Student Worksheet_V2

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1.      As you complete the VLE (Second Life) Scavenger Hunt, please write your answers to the questions on this worksheet.

2.      Save it as a MS Word document in the following format:  YourName_NR500_ScavengerHunt

3.      Place it in the Scavenger Hunt folder in your course page by the end on Week 6 on Sunday at 11:59 pm MT.

4.      Remember if you need assistance when you are in Second Life, please contact the Support Specialist in-world or email





STATION 1 — Points Possible = 10

You are a nursing educator at the Hospital Administration Building, where there have been repeated incidents of lateral violence.  You have been asked to provide scholarly evidence to support a new policy addressing workplace civility. Go to the information database in the Administration building to search on one of the laptops for the following article “The Bully Within and Without: Strategies to Address Horizontal Violence in Nursing”. Read the article and list two strategies that can be implemented to address horizontal violence. To support the identified strategies, you must provide a proper APA reference. Be sure to include the DOI number.








STATION 2 – Points Possible = 10

Attend the meeting in the Conference Room.

Locate the Nursing Administrator.  Click on her and write down the quote that the Administrator tells you about nursing leadership.






STATION 3 – Points Possible = 15

Find the open patient room in the hospital and list out at least 3 of the patient safety violations.







STATION 4 – Points Possible = 15

Locate the Classroom. Find the article written on the blackboard and click on it. Write down the statistics for the ethnicity characteristics of the study’s participants from Table 1 including the n number. Then add an in-text citation to the article in proper APA format.





In-Text Citation:





STATION 5 – Points Possible = 10

Go to City Hall. Find the US Senator’s Office. Click on the Senator to get the link to the list of current United States Senators.  Locate your state and write down the names of the two senators that represent your state.



STATION 6 – Points Possible = 5

Go to Urgent Care Clinic building and find the Electronic Health Record for the patient that is being seen.

Write down the patient’s name.







STATION 7 – Points Possible = 10

Go to the Social Services Building and into the reception area. Find the directory listing for the offices in the building. Locate the Hmong language Interpreter and write down their name.







STATION 8 – Points Possible = 15

Acting as the town’s Visiting Public Nurse, go to the poor area of town, locate two homeless men and then discuss two recommendations that you would give them to improve their overall health. You will need to support each recommendation with scholarly peer-reviewed support in proper APA format. Do not state you would give them a phone number or address of resources. Put some thought into your response. Remember these two homeless men do not have money, phones, or health insurance.







STATION 9 – Points Possible = 10

Visit the Forensics Lab – Find the microscope, get close to it so it is easily visible, then take a photograph of it.  Choose your snapshot camera icon from your left toolbar. Then click on Save to Disk. Then from the highlighted green dropdown bar choose 320 x 240 and then click SAVE.   You will lose points if the picture is not in the 320 X 240 size. Remember to save the photograph to your desktop to easily locate it.  Copy and paste your photo in the box on the next page.  If the picture is too large or small or you are too far away from the microscope, you will lose points.

Step 1            Step 2             Step 3   



ANSWER: (copy and paste your photo below)





Remember to:  Save these worksheet as a MS Word document in the following format:  YourName_NR500_ScavengerHunt

Place it in the Scavenger Hunt folder in your course page by the end on Week 6 on Sunday at 11:59 pm MT.


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