Perception and Attention Essay.

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Details:Research if individuals with Attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder could perform better in an online educational setting than a
traditional one. My hypothesis: is that those with ADHD will perform
better in online classes than individuals with ADHD who go the
traditional route.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) describes a common infant malady usually associated with difficulty in paying attention, hyperactivity (that is being overly active) and over exertion while controlling or trying to control one’s behavior. The origins of most ADHD cases are unknown; nonetheless, both environmental and genetic factors are conclusively professed to have a hand in its inception. The condition, however, is quite elusive in nature because its symptoms that primarily involve the victim being overactive and manic in some instances cannot be clearly distinguished from the normal erratic and enthusiastic behavior associated with children. The disorder, though ordinarily perceived to be a childhood ailment, has been witnessed in many instances progressing on through adolescence into adulthood.


The ADHD disorder bears with it numerous detriments experienced by the victim in some instances all through their lives. Socially, hyperactivity, a feature of the disorder may induce a victim of ADHD to commit atrocities without having thought out its consequences; ultimately, it confines them to become social outcasts, having few or no friends. The impairments brought about by this ailment eventually extend to the victim’s adult life, terribly affecting his or her education and eventual career.


Educational Detriments


School and educational experience often offers an immensely challenging feat for ADHD ailing students. Characterized by their inability to properly comprehend and follow rules while regularly demonstrating failure to accomplish trivial tasks, they bear the brunt of being ‘picked upon’ by naïve disciplinary authorities. ADHD victims are also pigeonholed with frequent classroom interruptions and consequently feeble academic performance. As studies have it students ailing from ADHD experience extreme academic difficulties and complications resulting in lower grades, frequent expulsions and increased rates in dropouts. These complications consequently escalate to lower rates in college and university undergraduate completion (Barbara D., Ingersoll, 1988, p. 12). With the disorderly comportment, ADHD victims are more prone to suspensions and expulsions. The overly active and impulsivity nature of victims are expressed both physically and verbally which if put in a classroom context, is considered as unruly and intolerable behavior.

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