Policing Challenges in the 21st Century Essay

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Details:Historically, police executives have sought to distance themselves from police misconduct as a form of political survival. Rather than addressing the true causes, they seek quick fixes. Quick fixes serve as a catalyst for police misconduct and encourage only a narrow investigative focus, as opposed to exploring systemic problems. As the supervisor of the internal affairs division within your police department, the chief has charged you with the responsibility of reviewing the department\’s procedures regarding the investigation, determination, and recommended strategies that are related to officer misconduct. Assignment Guidelines Complete the following: Address the following in 1,250–1,750 words: What do you see as the major challenges facing police executives in the 21st century? Explain in detail. What suggestions do you recommend for overcoming the \”code of silence\” that permeates all levels of the department? Explain. What role, if any, does organizational culture play? Explain. Who establishes the culture within the organization? Explain. Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style.


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Policing in America is currently at crossroads. A quickly changing fiscal environment coupled with advancing citizen demographics and new public safety dangers are driving noteworthy conformities in policing practices. The labor driven methodologies of the past are no more financially sustainable, nor are they suited to deliver developing dangers to Public safety. Police departments the country over are looking for replies in how to succeed under these evolving circumstances. Community policing, an expanding accentuation on science, estimation, and responsibility, and developing engineering have laid the foundation for another twenty-first century policing standard.


One of the new challenges incorporates the financial realities. Since 1982, immediate consumptions for police capacities have expanded broadly by 422 percent at the nearby level and 548 percent at the state level. All around the 1980s and1990s, law requirement substances and other equity framework administrations reacted to mounting public pressure to address drug-related and violent cases by building more penitentiaries, detaining more people, expanding policing manpower, and concentrating on the instantaneous results of law implementation endeavors. Today, the same law implementation entities are confronted with a 38 percent expansion in labor costs, due, to an extent, to pension plans, expanded pay rates for long serving officers, and a more excellent number of related work costs. As discretionary expenses, for example, these keep on escalating, state and local jurisdictions simultaneously face contracting tax bases. Subsequently, lawmakers and system administrators in various levels are under more terrific weight to account for the limited resources, and some resort to reduction of taskforce, or executing spending freezes (Rickman et al., 2013).


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