Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants Essay.

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An analysis of statistical significance for all relevant statistics.


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Executive summary

Globally fast food restaurant have become more rampant since 18th century. Populations have become over reliant in fast food causing massive installation of fast food restaurant chains in the world. This trend has brought about health complications as well as monopoly of power over the normal restaurants.


This paper seeks to explore whether there is a relationship between fast food restaurant and consumer age. This research is after the argument that most fast food restaurant is situated either at schools, factories or low income earning locations.


The research was conducted by online research survey method called survey monkey. The validated data was the exported to SPSS and analyzed both for frequencies and correlations. One of the limitations of the survey method is lack of confidentiality on shared account as well as it is an expensive research method for a student.


From the finding, it was deduced that there is a correlation between the fast food restaurant and age of the consumers. It was also observed that most of these consumers comprise the age of 28 and above years. In relation to preference, Mc Donald fast food restaurant chains ranked the highest followed by Subways and lastly Burger king restaurant. Most consumers visit the fast food restaurant because they do not feel like preparing meals. Reasons like for children sake and convenience were also quoted.


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