Reflection on Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. Choose one of these approaches

Reflection on Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. Choose one of these approaches:
EITHER: Consider it as a period piece (rural America in the 1920s), as a class portrait (working-class black Southerner), or for its rather unique heroine (poor black bisexual single mother). You may also assess it for its literary style (epistolary). You must refer to at least three scenes / elements of the book to support your interpretation.
OR: In what ways do we see the characters of Celie, Mister, Nettie, and Shug evolve or change during the story? Pick at least two people and discuss what changes occur in their lives and personalities. Cite at least three scenes in the novel that illustrate these changes.
OR: Compare & contrast the book and the Steven Spielberg film version, citing and evaluating specific differences in character, plot, and/or theme. Again, at least three major examples must be considered.
Change is essential to every human being where he or she should not live to exist in a stagnated state of life but instead transform from one state to the other. When an individual choose to modify its original life condition to the other, it gives a platform where there is a change of perception about how the situation is viewed (Katherine, 2009). In this case, many characters in the novel Colour Purple have shown a lot of changes that some of the characters underwent from the initial state where everything seemed against them to the point where they are to make a resolution and transform the condition. Some of the characters who experience some changes in the novel include Celie, who was the main character in the novel and Shug Avery.
Initially, we can note that Celie was an ugly, poor girl who lacks self-confidences but due to the transformation of her life she changed to a beautiful, wealthy woman who is full of confidences. As earlier expressed, change is always important as it enables one to rejuvenated and discover her abilities. As a result of this, Celie was a girl who was raised in a family where problems were part and parcel of life. Some of the issues elaborated in the novels are the miserable conditions in which Celie was, but due to some creativity in we can see her start to make pants (Harold, 2011). Few could have resolved to this but with time, we can see the confidence growing in her which resulted in the development of alternatives that can make herself livelihood. Also, after stepfather brutally raped Celie she had resolved not to tell anybody about the situation, and only God was only to know it. But we can see due to change in mind which came to Celie, we saw her open up to Shug Avery about all scenarios of what happen. A lot of issues resolve around the life of Celie, and it happen that during the time when the novel was set, gender imbalance had gained grounds in the set up in which Celie was, all this condition made her subject to all torture. In those times, women were put to slavery, all this made Celie part of it. But because of embracing change we saw her fight all odds to ensure that the issue of women gender is resolved and to date, we can see that women have their portion in the society in which they exist without any discrimination. It shows a kind of strong personality in Celie because she to persist all the torture of that time (Harold, 2011). It appears that belie the character in the novel had a lot of admired personalities that can be added to be found in an individual, we can saw that though they belonged to different fathers with Nettie, she used to love and cherish her as a sister. With the situation in which the stepfather had raped and impregnated her.
When the novel starts, we saw that Shug Avery appeared to be one of the morals were never up right. As a result this, everyone use to view her negatively more so in the way she dresses and talk, she is one of the characters in the novel that was full of herself and she could not have an ear for what people could say to criticize her way of life. Contrary to what people think about Shug, is one of the characters who changed to be one of the best individuals with a kind heart (Harold, 2011). The compassionate nature of Shug is demonstrated when she was ill due to the attention that was administered. Some changes too was seen to happen within Shug where she chose to change her name from ‘’Lilly’’ which was her original name to ‘’Shug’’ which is just but a nickname. The changes in Shug was awakened by the elite who converted the self-centred character to a generous personality. Also, the singing career in Shug to experiences some changes where she turned from singing the blues type of music and start singing the fast ragtime tunes. As a result of this, it led to Shug branded as a ‘’Changer’’. Therefore, change is a factor in any person’s way of life and personality which has made many to have a transformative way of life.
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