Research Designs Essay.

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Research designs and methods are not created equal. Each design and method has its strengths and limitations. True experimental research designs, for example, tend to have higher levels of validity compared to ex post factor designs. Once you decide on your research design and method, it is important to evaluate limitations of each and consider how you will attempt to prevent or minimize them in your study. The assignment: Briefly describe at least one research design and one methodology you could use for your dissertation. Explain strengths and limitations of each. Be sure to include a description of reliability and validity issues that may arise and explain how you would attempt to prevent and/or minimize each.PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL WORK IS CITED WITHIN THE TEXT. ANY FACTS, OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS SHOULD BE SUPPORTED WITH CITATIONS.



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One of the methods used in research is quantitative method. It’s a method that deals with actual numbers and statistics. It has its strengths and weaknesses. Quantitative is an accurate research method because it does not rely on interviews or opinions. (Kleinbaum, 1982, p.6). Using the quantitative allows the researcher to control variables that may lead to confusing information. The method allows the researcher to use a larger number of subjects resulting to broader study. It is a technique that enhances comparisons. Present researches done using the method can be used to make comparisons with past researches of different areas. There are limitations that make quantitative method unsuitable in research. It can be inaccurate especially when the researcher is using questionnaires. When using quantitative method, getting information on sensitive matters is difficult. (Taylor, 1984, p6). Once the research begins, it means that the researcher cannot tamper with the instruments in any way. Trying to adjust them can ruin the research. The method takes a lot of time and it’s costly too. It takes a time to acquire the results of the research when using quantitative method.

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