Risk Assessment Essay

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Details: Attached are the Paper requirements for the writer
Risk Assessment Paper – You will be given a fictional scenario describing security issues
involving organizational assets. You will identify the risks
associated with the assets and recommend mitigating procedures.
The case study including the assignment and rubric are attached. A
sample risk assessment paper is also attached as an example.



Here’s a snippet of the essay.


Computer use is continually growing as many tasks in the modern world have been computerized to save time and make work easier. Computer use has been employed in many domains including business, engineering, medicine, law, genetics, education and electronic commerce fields. One of the major impacts on the computer use growth is the deployment of databases and database systems technology (Ball, 2004). In areas where computer systems have been installed, databases play great and critical roles. Data can be said to be a set of known facts that can be collected and recorded and have meaning for a specific purpose. For example; a set of names, age and telephone numbers. The name can be recorded in a phonebook or on spreadsheet or computer software such as Microsoft Access for future reference. Database is a set of interrelated data and it represents some part of the real world. A change in the mini-world is reflected in the database.(Lucey, 2005)Information systems can be defined as technically a set of correlated components that collect, process, store and boadcast information to aid decision making, control and coordination in an organization. The information systems can also assist workers and managers to analyze problems, create new products and visualize complex problems. Information systems contain information of relevant places, people and things within the environment surrounding and the organization itself. (Nin, 2010.)


Problems facing Global Finance, Inc


There are important features that the Computer Security Manager need to know about the firm in order to build and use information systems in an effective manner. They include organizational politics, organizational culture, organizational environments and organization structures.


Firstly, the Computer Security Manager of Global Finance, Inc. should know the organizational politics. In an organization, there are diverse blend of people with different aspects of life. They have different opinions and viewpoints bring about political struggle for power and resources. The manager should know how to work with politics of the firm before building an information system (Franks, 2013). The other factor that managers should consider is the organizational culture. All organizations have unassailable assumptions defining their products and goals. These are set assumptions about how, where and what the firm should produce. Resistance to change, especially to new systems is an example of the organizations culture. The Chief Information Security Officer should know the culture of their organizations in order to build information systems useful and agree to the cultures of the specific organization. For instance, in the Global Finance, Inc. case study, there are many staff members from different geographical locations. There are employees in New York as well as in Florida (Lucey, 2005). They all have different ideas and the Chief information Security Officer should consider contributions from cross board before making the decision to make a system that will cut across all considerations.

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