Silence & Solitude Essay.

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Details:Paper Title: Silence & Solitude Silence & Solitude: Because we are so infrequently \”unplugged,\” many of us rarely experience silence for a significant period of time. We are also rarely alone. Crowds & racket make it difficult for us to hear God\’s voice and so, in combination with the two earlier disciplines, we now try to intentionally invest some of our time in being alone in God\’s presence to talk with Him and listen for His reply. There is nothing \”magical\” or \”mystical\” about these disciplines; they have been used by believers for centuries to aid them in their growth as followers of Christ. These are not \”guaranteed\” to bring transformation; that can only occur as a work of the Holy Spirit. What these practices can do is to make us more aware of our own need for intentional spiritual formation and our dependence upon God to empower this in our life. Please write this paper like sort of a autobiography. Do not write like a typical essay, it is a essay reflecting on your own christian life. Aside from the four pages paper, you are going to also write a journal separately, reflecting on this journey of the subject. please use two pages for the journal, and the paper should be four pages, to equal six pages. The journal is your own personal life experiences and encounters about the topic silence & solitude. From the journal, is what you are going to turn into a paper. please let me know if any questions. Please differentiate the Journal and the paper. Also, please site any sources used, other than the bible scriptures.

Here’s a snippet of the essay.


Journal on Silence and Solitude

I will start by giving a brief story of my life experiences in relation to silence and solitude. I was brought up quietly; my mother was a country girl who had passion for nature. This meant that we would not have music playing in the background and would have designated times to watch TV. She would avoid conversations too much to my vexation when needed her answers to my endless chatter. This does not meant that I fell easily into the tendency of silence and solitude of Christianity. I didn’t for one reason: the only urge in my mind was to serve.


I really wanted to serve, all my life as a non-Christian, I lived a selfish life. This meant that serving would be a path to discipleship as I had resolved to die for self and live for others. But as life progress, the call into serving slowly faded from my soul. I was facing the problem of having to serve sacrificially all the time. I developed a kind of survivor’s guilt that other people suffered more than I had by setting my life aside whenever I was asked. I only declined when I really had a conflict, and felt deeply guilty for that.

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