Smart Technology Essay.

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Details:Part 1 Pollutants can harm ecosystem function and may also harm human health. Give 1 example of an environmental pollutant that you have heard about, and explain why it concerns you. What are its harmful effects? Think about human health and ecosystem effects. How did you hear about this pollutant? Do you feel that adequate steps are being taken to control this type of pollution? Why or why not? What is being done? Could more be done? Part 2 Visit the EPAs Web site: Final National Priorities List (NPL) Sites – by State Choose 1 state and 1 superfund site in that state. Using information from the Web site, briefly describe the site, including the following: Name Location Some of the contaminants Whether the site clean-up is under way or complete Are human exposures


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In history, a company makes a product to satisfy a need or want in its direct marketing area. As the company develops, it enlarges the marketing area till the product is promoted nationally. After a produce reaches national supply, the company usually decides to either grow internationally or create other products and continue to be a national distributor. With the advance of the global economy over years, even start-ups now construct eventual international supply into their initial business plans. Companies now must consider the contests of international distribution in the original product advancement process (Fister, 2012). Below are some of the challenges that companies face when in a bid to develop new products in to the global economy.


First of all, there are the social challenges. Products are created to meet a certain need or want.  When there is a need in a certain place, it is not certain that the need is universal. Different countries are at different phases of economic development and the want or need that a developed country have might not have developed enough developing countries to create a feasible target market. Other countries have different beliefs and different grooming habits, food preferences, recreational opportunities, living quarters, clothes and lifestyles. For instance, English speakers could be few. Brand names may not explain appropriately in some countries. Countries may have no concern in a particular service and good that is peddling well in English nations due to language barrier. (Woteki, 1996)


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