Sociology of emotions Essay.

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Sociology explains social behavior, its origin, how it has developed, its institutions and various organizations (Austin 1962). This behavior is usually learnt depending on the stimuli and response to them. Behavior is a product of interacting with the environment, other people and even personal cognition. Evaluation is the main measurement to see whether a behavior has occurred. Sociology can thus be defined as, the study of a group of people. It is the science the society that studies social groups.


Schools of thought


Max Weber defined sociology as the science which tries to interpret social actions. According to this school of thought, the form of actions refer to any human behavior to which the acting individual attains subjective a subjective meaning.


Ballatin argued that sociology is the study of the institution in society, how they interact and other processes such as socialization and education. A sociological society is a group of people with a common cultural heritage in terms of language and inheritance of a given geographical region.


Augoste comte defined sociology as a study of the instructions between human institutions like the family, education, religion and government. This study also included the development of these institutions and how the society transformed.

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