Teacher of the Year Essay.

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Details:I. Educational History and Professional Development Florida Certification Elementary Education Grades 1-6 Primary Age 3-Grade 3 Education Long Island University Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education Grades 1-6 (September 2000) Professional Experience Sanders Park Elementary, Pompano Beach, Fl 2004-2009 Kindergarten Teacher 2009-2012 First Grade 2012-2013 Second Grade 2013- Present Third Grade Teacher La Peninsula, Bronx, NY 2003-2004 Pre-K Teacher P.S. 261, Brooklyn, NY 2001 Kindergarten Teacher II. Teaching Philosphy and Practice Describe the role of public education as your role as teacher. Who should be accountable to public education and for what should they be held accountable? How should accountability be measured and evaluated. What opportunities and challenges are there with respect to educator quality and instruction? describe the instructional process used with a class or group of students. Specific strategies and tools used to differenciate instruction; your analysis and reflection on theprocess/outcome. How do you model professionalism as a teacher? How have you involved parents, families and the community in education? What have you done to improve or further the teaching profession? III. Florida Department of Education-Macy\’s Teacher of the Year Provide a quote or comment regarding each of the following 1. Reading 2. The effects district evaluation systems; and 3. Family/Community Involvement.



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Educational History and Professional Development


I am 37 years old; I was born and raised in New York City. My family migrated to the US about 50 years ago. My father comes from Cuba whereas my mother is from Haiti. Since childhood, my parents showed me the importance of education and always encouraged me to become a teacher. I learned to read by reading the newspaper with my father. He learned English and  I fell in love with words. This way, my parents bought me a chalkboard and that’s when my dreams were coming to fruition.  I never wavered from this amazing profession. I have seen children that I have taught come back and say thank you that is truly the best gift that I could ever receive.


After my high school studies, I enrolled to the Long Island University in Brooklyn where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education grades 1-6 in September 2000. In my education career, I have worked at Sanders Park Elementary School where I worked as a kindergarten teacher from year 2004 to 2009. From 2000 to 2012, I worked as a first grade teacher; I later proceeded to second grade until 2013. From 2013 to present, I have been teaching the third grade in the same school. I have always had a passion of teaching those who come from a lower socioeconomic area (majority are African American) I believe I was meant to be at sanders park elementary. It’s always an exciting and new experience with each passing day. My colleagues are my family since decided to move out here.


Teaching Philosophy and Practice


If I am lucky enough to be nominated for the “National Teacher of the Year,” my message would be very simple; every person should embrace their responsibility to ensure that every American accesses quality education. Our forefathers were wise enough to find that an educated citizenry was the most effective tool that would protect the community and republican institutes from internal decay. Education is an effective tool in creating what might be referred to as “civic virtues,” the qualities that create a successful society.


Education calls upon collective responsibility for all, everyone should be accountable for either failure or success that may be realized in the education systems. The accountability rests to the community as well as educators. To the community, it is imperative to note that education involves hard work and the involvement of everyone in society. The results of ignoring our responsibility to educate every generation would be to abdicate our responsibilities to nurture, enhance, and nurture this great nation called the United States.

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