Tennis Culture Essay

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Details:On the CSULB library website search for tennis or tennis
culture, tennis history. Include that in your paper. Describe tennis
dress in detail, both for males and females. Explain the subtle
differences in styles and fabrications. Explain what the tennis world
is like. Cite some articles about big tennis stars, like Williams
sisters, or Federer, or whoever else. Why are they wearing what they
are wearing? Are their uniforms any different from the rest of the
tennis players? I think one of the Williams sisters started her own
clothing line. Explain the nature of tennis culture: the expectations,
the fan clubs, the money involved, any athletic snobbery, etc. Then
add your personal experience with tennis. Make this paper about tennis
subculture in general with a bit of your personal history. My personal
tennis history is attached along with paper guidelines. Please address
every topic mentioned above in full details.


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


Tennis is among the most popular games on the planet with one of the largest fan following. Over a long period, this game has evolved and a result, it has developed a rich culture that has continued to influence the different aspects of the sport. One of the critical areas that the tennis culture has influenced is the dressing code and styles of its players. This paper intends to survey the different aspects of tennis culture with an emphasis on the dress codes and their implication. It will also examine the culture of Mission college men’s tennis team.


Tennis history can be traced back to France in the 12th century, where monks started to play a simple crude handball over a rope tied across a courtyard or against their monastery walls. The game named “jeu de paume”, it meant game of the hand. It is also said that name tennis originated from the French word tenez, which implied “take this”, this was said by the serving player (Gillmeister 25). As the popularity of the game advanced, as the popularity of the game advanced, modifications started being made to the courtyard playing areas, this involved transforming them into indoor courts; the game still involved playing the ball off the wall. Afterward, players started using a glove, and then a solid paddle or a glove with webbings in between fingers; this was then finally followed by a racquet- a handle attached with a webbing.


Between 1859 and1935, Augurio Perera and Major Harry Gem introduced a game that combined aspects of the game called pelot and rackets components. With two other local doctors, they instituted the first tennis club in the world situated in 1872, in a place called Leamington. According to history records on the origins of tennis, the first tournament was held in Shrubland Hall grounds in July 1884 (Whitman 70). However, Major Walter Wingfield in December 1873 patented and designed a similar game named sphairistike, this name meant skill at playing at ball, it soon became popular under the name “sticky”. He used this game for his guests entertainment at a garden party held on his estate at Llanelidan, Wales. He most likely based his game on the changing sport outdoor tennis including the real tennis.

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