Texas School Fund Essay

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a discussion of the problems that the State of Texas has with public education funding pitting rich school districts against poor school districts.


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


For a long time, the public education funding system in Texas has faced a myriad of upheavals. A good example would be in 2011, when Texas Legislature slashed the public school funding by $ 5.4 billion. As though this were not enough, the legislature further increased the rate of state assessment and accountability system under which the schools would operate. This increased accountability and academic requirements, coupled with the loss of funding proved as a ‘perfect storm’ for majority of Texas public schools. Most people will agree that well-funded schools will definitely perform better than impoverished schools; moreover, public education systems should offer a level playing ground for all children irrespective of their financial backgrounds. However, this might not be about to happen in Texas where more than half of school funding is derived from local taxes, thus creating huge differences between schools in wealthy and impoverished neighborhoods.


However, even before the recession, public schools in Texas would still be forced to “tighten their belts.” This change was not, in any way, related to the economic downturn. The problems facing public education in Texas may be rooted back to “the structural deficit.” The structural deficit emanated from the legislative action of relieving the citizens of property tax. In a plan that seemed rather simple, a huge portion of the local property taxes was replaced by taxing businesses. However, the business tax failed to raise enough money to meet the losses accruing from reduced property tax. The net loss of revenue for public schools is equivalent to the structural deficit. What shocks is the fact that this phenomena still bites and is likely to remain that way irrespective of the improvements in the economic state of Texas. Therefore, every time the legislature converges; they are faced with the problem of school funding (Hill 2013).


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