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The Charismatic Gifts Debate: Are sign gifts for today or
have they ceased? What is the purpose of the sign gifts, and if they
are being practiced today, are they being practiced in a biblical


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Charismatic gifts and their existence is one of the most controversial debates in the modern Christianity realm. There are varied beliefs on the topic depending on the denominational links, personal experience, church affiliations, and interpretations (or misinterpretation) of the Bible scripture. While charismatic followers sustain that gifts of the Holy Spirit a real, non-charismatic followers argue that the gifts have ceased in the contemporary world of Christianity.


One of the most pronounced evidence that this debate is in existence was in 2007, when the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) convened a 3-day seminar addressing gifts of the Holy Spirit in Arlington, Texas. The seminar sought to permit other Baptists not to necessarily comply, but at least admit the different views on the issue of charismatic gifts. The convention was the aftereffect of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary declining to air a sermon on their site, in which the minister conceded having a private prayer dialect. While the SBC has for the most part remained unbiased on the theme of charismatic gifts, this activity headed numerous to accept the SBC announced a stance on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To include, the International Mission Board for the SBC has a boycott on private request to God languages for their missionaries[1]. Regardless of these dynamic stances against the charismatic gifts, in continuation today, SBC president Frank Page had proclaimed a nonpartisan stance of acknowledgement of the varying perspectives, as Scripture does not plainly preclude adherents to one specific stance[2]. Given the questionable nature of this subject, there are certain to be and solid slants on both sides. This paper will endeavor to view both sides of the contention, the qualities, the shortcomings, and which stance is all the more biblically sound, including the minor varieties.


The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In a 2009 survey of Americans that view themselves as to be evangelical Christians, a stunning number gave an unscriptural answer. About one-fifth (21%) of respondents that stated having heard of spiritual gifts also claimed to possess those gifts, for example, a sense of humor, health, singing, life, happiness, a job, patience, a house, compromise, clairvoyance, premonition, and creativity – ones that are not among those regarded as charismatic gifts in the biblical Scripture that describes gifts[3]. The widespread perplexity over the Gifts of the Holy Spirit it two way: whether they exist at all today, and what the gifts are. For the reasons of this examination, only the gifts stated in Bible have been addressed.


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