The Creative Arts and Design in Early Childhood Education Essay

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There is a need to re-conceptualize the view of art in early childhood education. It is evident that there is more to creative art than mere display and coloring worksheets to produce replicas. The creative art program should be developmentally appropriate; it should make use of both creation, and appreciation of masterpiece art. A successful art program involves field trips for art appreciation; it also incorporates a classroom art center whereby children can choose their own topics. Additionally, a creative art program should involve classroom displays and families.  The creative art programs not only serve to develop the art itself, but they also inculcate a sense of moral, cognitive, and motor development.



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Art may be traditionally recognized as a crucial element of early childhood programs. Kolbe observes that children should be involved not only in the making, but also exploration of other people’s work. Not only does art help teachers to recognize special abilities among students, it also aids in the cognitive, social, and motor development of these children. Authentic art may serve a crucial role in children’s lives.

Value of authentic creative art explorations


Young children may not be able to read or write fluently. Authentic art helps children to work actively with knowledge and build their learning, thinking, and communication skills (Fox, 2012 & Kolbe, 2007). Through authentic art exploration, children are able to figure out what they might not understand. When they draw or paint a model, build constructions out of cardboard, build models using wires, clay or papier-mâché they come across situations that elicit questions. Authentic art is important in ensuring that children become fluent in expressing their ideas (Kolbe, 2007, P.23). This   art enables children to not only know how to paint, but also how to express the idea clearly, not only how to sculpt, but also how to make plans and execute them. Recently the focus on creative art has received endorsements from neuroscientists who have linked early work of art to the development of neural pathways in the brain; this enables the wellbeing, and the later academic ability of the child (Elliot, 2013).

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