The Death Penalty Essay

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THESE ARE THE SOURCES:Abramsky, S. (2002). Hard time Blues: How Politics built a Prison Nation. Thomas Dunne Books: Bohm, Robert & Haley, Keith. (2009) Introduction to Criminal Justice (6th Edition). McGraw-Hill Publishing Company: David C. Baldus, Charles A. Pulaski Jr., and George Woodworth. Race Discrimination and the Death Penalty: The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States. Oxford University Press: Franklin E. Zimring and Gordan Hawkins(2002). Capital Punishment: The oxford Companion to American Law. Oxford University Press: John J. Patrick, Richard M. Pious, and Donald A. Ritchie(1993) The Oxford Guide to the United States Government. The Oxford University Press: Schiraldi, V., Holman, B & Beatty, p (2000). Poor Prescription: The Cost of Imprisoning Drug Offenders in the United States. Justice Policy Institute. ALSO THE THESIS THAT MUST BE USE IS :The Death Penalty gives peace of mind to society and those that have been a victim of such horrific crimes; therefore it shouldn’t be obliterated because justice is being served.


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The Death Penalty gives peace of mind to society and those that have been a victim of such horrific crimes; therefore it should not be obliterated because justice is being served. Imagine finding out that one of your close relatives, friends, or classmates has been brutally raped, murdered, or raped, and disserted in the streets like a dead animal. It would be so hard to give appropriate justice for such an action, the murderer could be judged with 3rd degree murder, considered insane thus rendered free. On the same note, this does not rule out the fact that they defied a person a chance to realize their dreams. What if the perpetrator was guilty? Wouldn’t the death penalty be the most appropriate choice?


Capital punishment has been a questionable issue since the beginning of our nation’s history. Executions started in a significantly more inhumane way than what we see today. We started with hangings and starting 1888 New York started to manufacture the first electric chair. The death sentence was developing into a more humane a common way to complete a sentence. Further down the line we advanced different routes, for example, cyanide gas, and what is legitimate in most states today, the lethal injection (Franklin & Gordon, 2002). Does the individual who recently assaulted and ruined a fourteen year old young lady merit a human death? She didn’t pass on with modesty or nobility. She kicked the bucket without hesitating. If that that girl was your daughter, would you be fulfilled if the culprit was simply given a lethal injection in his death? Isn’t the Death penalty the path of least resistance for these criminals? Aren’t these individuals left in prison to languish for the rest of their lives anyway? Assuming that you could put yourself in the executioner’s shoes, might you wish to be sentenced to life in prison or to the death penalty?


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