The Great Barrier Reef Essay.

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Details:This paper is for a 9th grader not college. We are looking for
things that are effecting the great barrier reef, like shipping, coral
bleaching, overfishing or globlal warming. One or 3 effects may be


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The Great Barrier Reef describes a coral reef system found to be the largest in the world. It is approximated to have over 3000 reefs and 900 islands, situated in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It covers an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometers (McGregor 53). It is possible to view the Great Barrier Reef from outer space, and it attracts a wide variety of tourists due to its natural beauty and the wide variety of marine life it supports (Coleman 19). The Great Barrier Reef just like any other coral reef is vulnerable to pressures and effects that lead to its deterioration (Hopley, Kevin and Scott 2). It is guarded by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park which helps limit the adverse effects that could lead to destruction. According to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), 16% of coral reefs in the world are wiped out per year. The impact of human activities and other environmental activities can have adverse effects on coral reefs. The following describes some of the issues affecting the sustainability of coral reefs especially the Great Barrier Reef found in Australia. They include global warming, shipping, coral bleaching, overfishing and Crown of Thorns Starfish.


Global warming


Global warming has had adverse effects on this highly productive and largest ecosystem in the world. Global warming that is the continual increase of the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere causes the water temperatures to rise. Increased water temperature creates an environment that is unfavorable for the coral reefs and the wide variety of life found in the reef (Veron 12).


Coral bleaching is also another negative effect of global warming. Global warming may result from human activity that causes increased concentration of greenhouse gases. Corals get their color from algae that inhabit them (Buchheim “Odyssey Expeditions”). Warm water kills the algae thus the coral loses its color. Algae is the food for some of the creatures and their death lead to the death of these creatures as well. Coral bleaching causes the coral to die, though some may recover (Marshall 155). It eventually leads to the disappearance of the entire ecosystem supported by the reef. Coral bleaching at the Great Barrier Reef is already on the rise and will still continue to rise as the water temperatures increase gradually. This is according to reports by the National Wildlife Federation. The rise in water temperatures also leads to other coral diseases that also have detrimental effects to the ecosystem at the reef. The coral diseases include white band disease, black band disease, white pox, and white plague, all of which may aggravate the destruction of the coral reef and the ecosystem it supports (Bowen 262).

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