The Narrative Structure of “The Baron in the Tree” by Italo Calvino Essay

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Details:the narrative structure of the book \”the baron in the trees\” by italo calvion should be discussed and examples should be given in order to support the discussion or any claims made.


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


Narrated by the character’s brother, Italo Calvino’s “The Baron in the Trees” is the story of a twelve-year-old Italian boy who leaves his aristocratic childhood to the expanse of the adjoining trees that dominate the countryside and the adjacent town, and spends the rest of his life in this new world. Casimo Piovasco di Rondo – the boy, utilizes his predominant and free-thinking perspective to find new ways of learning, and innovation; both for the improvement of his lifestyle, and the better of the people who lived within the neighborhood below him. Through his innovative ways, he is able to captivate maverick passion-filled love life. He lives at once isolated, but intimately bonded with his family and the fellow townsmen, Casimo dies as inspiringly and note-worthily as he had lived, leaving family and friends motivated by his story (Bloom 04). The book might be slow to internalize at first, with nothing rather than the background information in the first fifteen pages, however, the reading gets more interesting as Casimo Piovasco engages with an argument with the father, forcing him to the trees. As Casimo meets more and more people, the narrative gets more intriguing. The storyline has an ending that augments with the rest of the story, leaving the reader open to the interpretations of the story. The characters appear as though in real life situation despite the fact that not many twelve-year-old boys would set out to live in the trees alone for the rest of their lives. The book has been creatively set for the adventurous reader; it makes an excellent combination of adventure and fantasy without being unrealistic.

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