The Notion of the Unpopular for Wyndham Lewis and Marshall McLuhan Essay

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Details:i would like you to look into Lewis and his infatuation with hitler as for McLuhan how people viewed his ideas of the future for media.


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


Among the seminal writers and artists, there are those that have had double claim to glory. Despite their contemporaries having obtained immense glory and recognition, there those writers who are barely talked about, written about, despite their significant contribution into the modern knowledge. Wyndham Lewis is one of the writers who may be acknowledged as one of the greatest and talented prose writer and an artist. However, Lewis’s passion for Pro-Hitler discourse positioned him as one of the most unpopular writers to ever exist. There have been eras when Lewis’s books have been out of print, sure, there has been minor flurry of interest in Wyndham Lewis; this balances the generation of neglect.  Another writer who despite the revelation of many of his theories, has not realized significant recognition would be Marshall McLuhan; despite the revelation of his ideas on the future of the media, the Canadian writer grew out of fame due to what might be described as lack of scientific basis for his argument. The current study attempts to discern the logical connection behind the unpopular notion of these writers; particularly, Lewis’s infatuation with Hitler, and people’s perception of McLuhan’s ideas of the future of media.




Born in 1882 on a boat off shores of Nova Scotia, Wyndham Lewis was raised by an English mother, and an eccentric American military office. His father was notorious for disserting the family. Wyndham attended Slade and Rugby primary schools both of which forced him to leave. He then moved around the art capital of Europe and was severely influenced by Cubism and Futurism. Lewis supported was immensely infatuated with Hitler. He supported Hitler in every way; he wrote books and composed his work of art in favor of Hitler. The notion of Wyndham supporting Hitler was one of his worst mistakes in his art and writing career; it greatly affected his reputation, actually, he was turned into a national hate figure and guaranteed that nobody would ever again perceive him as a thinker. Wyndham’s artistic history, in a pervasive manner, comprises super-sized mistake for a man of immense, noisy, and unbalanced presence. While some writers dropped clangers, Lewis dropped an entire carillon of bells.


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