The Role of the Hospital Risk Manager Essay.

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In order to be successful, a risk management plan must be communicated and applied throughout the organization.  Prepare a paper that examines the role of the risk manager in integrating the risk management program in a hospital, within the organization and ensuring compliance.  Evaluate challenges that a risk manager might confront in developing, communicating, and implementing a risk management



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The recent years have seen a paradigm shift in the general understanding and execution of risk management in hospitals. These changes have been catapulted by changing demographics, economic realities, new technologies, and legal reforms. On of the most significant drivers to change has been the promulgation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 by president Obama. Other significant drivers include the “To Err is Human” report of 1999 and the overwhelming rise in healthcare consumerism. While medication error rates would previously be considered a measure of patient safety, it has now become a reality that healthcare is the best measure of patient safety. Therefore, the Hospital Risk manager may be seen as the nucleus of all measures aimed at prevention and management of medication errors, not only internally, but also externally.  It is essential that the risk manager participates in developing, communicating, and implementing the risk management program in any hospital. This paper examines the various roles of a hospital risk manager, and the challenges they may face in operating a risk management program.

Emphasizing a non-punitive and open environment


The Risk Manager (RM) should facilitate the creation of a non-punitive and open environment to encourage error reporting. This is a philosophy that should be executed from top to down. The hospital risk manager should embrace a strong proactive roll to reduce and prevent patient error of all kinds.  Real emphasis should be placed on inculcating a culture of safety as well as quality of operations. The RM should be a liaison in communicating this philosophy between the employees and the senior management. Every hospital should make multiple representations to various groups including the board of trustees and employees regarding medication trends among other issues.


Sensitizing and Educating Employees


A significant amount of literature has been developed in the area of patient safety. The RM must be well versed with the national patient safety issues, trends, and initiatives and be I a position to communicate to the various stakeholders in the health docket including clinicians and other busy teams. The RM at any hospital should have a column in the hospital newsletter where they discuss and inform employees about quality and risk issues including the initiatives in medical safety (Youngberg, 2011).

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