The Roman Empire Civilization Essay

I would like you to choose The Roman Empire Civilization. The topic is the following Civilization has six basic characteristics: 1. an urban focus; 2. distinct religious structures; 3. political and military structure; 4. economic structure; 5. writing and language; 6. and, artistic and intellectual activity. Using these characteristics as criteria, analyze a civilization we have discussed that you think best fits the definition of a civilization. Why? How?

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Theses: A thesis statement conveys a theory you hope to support with your evidence and arguments. The thesis will be weak if it fails to answer the following questions: 1. Does it express your position in a full, declarative sentence, which is not a question, not a statement of purpose, and not merely a topic? 2. Does it limit the subject to a narrow focus that can be supported with evidence? 3. Does it establish an intriguing, investigative, or inventive edge to the paper?

Supporting your thesis: In order to meet this criterion fully, you must make reasoned and persuasive arguments. In short, you must convince the reader that your position is correct. To do this, you might include quotations, powerful language, and historical references. This criterion also requires a clear structure to your paper in other words, does it include an introduction, body, and conclusion and do those pieces flow fluidly. Using examples from history: This criterion asks you to provide historical references to support your argument. These references should be properly cited so that the reader can find the source on his own. In order to receive the highest mark in this category, you must integrate your examples fluidly. Use of counter-examples: Whatever position you take, it is almost certain that someone has (or at least could) take the opposite side. In your paper you should address the critical view of your argument and explain why it is incorrect.

Writing mechanics: This criterion includes grammar, spelling, proper citation and format, and the overall structure of the paper. Things to remember:  Number your pages  Revise, revise, revise

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