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Details: Analyze your topic: what is its significance in Salvation History, how does it fit into the Larger narrative,how does God reveal Himself and teach us through this topic, how can it be applied to the Christian life, etc. You must use at least two scholarly sources (journal articles, book chapters, Bible commentaries, etc. The Bible and Catechism do not count toward scholarly sources). Be sure the paper makes an argument and does not simply give a summary. You should have a clearly developed thesis throughout your paper. This is not an opinion paper


Here’s a snippet of the essay.



Immediately when the fall takes place in Genesis 3, God announces a judgment on Satan that entails a conflict with the woman’s seed. The seed is deemed to experience a wound in the heel; however, it will bruise Satan’s head. This is where the introduction of the theological theme of the seed takes place. God does not seem to reveal the identity of the seed, only that He sets out clearly that it is the woman’s seed. In Genesis 22:18, God makes a promise to Abraham where He says that through his seed, (descendants of Isaac and Jacob) every nation of the world shall be blessed. At the end of the book of Genesis, God is seen to reveal that the ruler will rise from the tribe of Judah and that his reign will be unending (Gen. 49:10).


Thousands of years after these things, God specifies further that the seed will rise from the descendant of David. God who speaks through Prophet Nathan promises David that his descendent shall build the temple of God. More importantly, he promises him that in his house, He will establish a kingdom that shall last forever (2 Sam. 7: 12 -15). This promise is recognized as one that shall affect the future of mankind. As the plan of God unfolds, seeds identity becomes clearer. The promise of the descendent of Abraham, through who the nations shall be blessed, includes the eternal kingdom and a king that will finally defeat Satan.

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