The TIAH Organization for People with Disabilities Essay.

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Technical requirements: Format: Five-paragraph college essay. Your introduction and conclusion combined should not be longer than 20% of your essay. You should not summarize the story; your reader can read it in original copy. In-text citations: absolutely required, but should not prevail 20% of your essay. Resources should be listed in MLA or APA format on the separate page. Length: 2 full pages and works cited page. Font: Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pts. Spacing: double-spaced. Margins: 1† all margins. Grading: see Essay Grading Rubric on the Start Here section of the course. Topic: · Read the short story “Battle Royal† by Ralf Ellison, textbook page 183-195. (I copied story to word document) Write a Formalist analysis literary criticism essay about this story. You may choose one of the following topics: a) Explain the symbols of the story and how they contribute to our understanding of the character and the theme. b) Analyze the protagonist of the story: is he a flat or round character, static or dynamic? Does he change through the story? If yes, when and how?


Here’s a snippet of the paper.



My hypothetical Human Service Organization was the TIAH for People with Disabilities. TIA is an acronym that stands for “There Is Always Hope.” The scope of this organization is to serve to address the economic, social, and physical needs of people with disabilities, nurturing their abilities, and turning their disability to abilities. The key slogan in this organization will be “Disability is not Inability.”


                       Disability has become a key focus in promoting diversity in the work place. More than ever before, persons with disabilities are being recruited into jobs at various capacities. This kind of diversity has been proven to impart positive impact through skills, productivity, and job retention. The notion that persons with disabilities placed a burden on society is fading; instead they have become more educated and assertive as real assets in the community. In the wake of these changes, this may call for more organizations that seek to build the capacities of people with disabilities in an effort to boost their absorption in the job market.


                        To be a world class leader in serving the needs of people with disabilities through innovativeness, creativity, and professionalism


                         The mission of TIAH for People with Disabilities is to nurture the abilities and build capacity for Americans living with disabilities in all aspects of life.

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