Understanding and Supporting Behavior Essay

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Details:This assessment allows you to engage with a case study and consider how you would respond as a teacher. In completing this assessment, you will draw together all the learning you have completed in this unit, as well as bringing in the ethical dimension of the teacher’s role.

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 Case in Context

Ashley is a four-year-old child who attends a kindergarten/preschool where you are the teacher. Her family has communicated to you that she enjoys physical activities and ball games, but can become upset if she is ‘losing’ or having to wait for a turn. Ashley has had several outbursts since she began attending three months ago. On four separate occasions she has physically struck out at other children in the group by punching and kicking them. These incidents have been observed and documented.



These are very common scenarios in early childhood education. The explosive behavior portrayed by Ashley is an advanced stage development of violent behavior in young learners. Many teachers in the elementary school spend a lot of time trying to remediate outbursts, violence among other forms of verbal and physical aggression. The exact cause of these trends may not be clear, however, psychologists cite a variety of family and societal factors coupled with a number of psychiatric problems in children. Other scholars attribute these problems to inadequate time for social development in early childhood education systems. However, the costs are clear; aggressive and violent behavior compromises the integrity of the learning environments, affects the child’s social and academic outcomes, imparts stress on students and staff, and jeopardizes the safety of the school.

Dealing with problems such as Ashley’s is crucial in early elementary grades and pre-school. Redirecting negative behavior in its elementary stages is a crucial step in evading the development of worse patterns of disruption and violence in the future. It is important to understand that violent characteristics as those portrayed by Ashley may not necessarily demonstrate willfulness; often, the child may be lacking requisite social support that schools should help them learn. The objective is to uphold the safety and learning experiences of all students and to inculcate positive behavior for the affected child (Goldstein & Brooks, 2007, p. 20).

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