Uninsured Policy Process Essay

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Details:Write on how healthcare for uninsured becomes a policy.
Include the following information:  Evaluation stage  Analysis
stage Revision stage  Describe the purpose and methodologies
process for evaluating and revising a public policy.


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


American health care system is deteriorating and it requires improvement.  More than forty five million Americans are not insured. This problem may get worse and more limitations arise once the health care system is not advanced.  The main problem in American health care system is insurance.  If the government has any plans in future is to cover everyone.  Each and every American should register in a health plan of their preference.  The following steps should be followed before a policy is implemented. The steps to be followed include; formulation stage, legislative stage and implementation stage. The last of policy process is the evaluation stage (Milstead, J 2012).  Once the policy is made operational passing through the adoption of laws, rules or regulation and the implementation of the policy has taken place, evaluation takes place. The government has to ensure running of operations is as set during the policy making process.  First and foremost, evaluation is carried out in the organization, then analysis follows and later revision is done.  Evaluation should be achieved so as to determine whether the policy has accomplished the awaited outcome or impact.  All the steps must be carried out. This ensures that all that was implemented before the policy is working as it should.


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