Vanity of Colonial American Women Essay.

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Details:.1)I need a 7 pages paper, that will talk about 3 objects from colonial women. The 3 objects are: shoe (of the average colonial women), dress of the colonial women, and makeup.



Here’s a snippet of the paper.



The women in the colonial America had a highly important role in the country’s history making. At one point in the school life, people study about significant things that happened between 1600s and 1800s, but particularly little emphasis may be paid to simple yet important things that characterized the colonial period. This paper has laid emphasis on the woman’s fashion; the shoes, dress, and makeup. Whereas it might seem like just mere fabric and color, it may be necessary to view the woman’s clothing as a story, it would also be significant to comprehend what would be worn, by whom, and how. This paper examines the relationship between fashion and the politics of 18th century. A brief overview of the women’s fashion in the 18th century may reveal some important aspects.


Women’s shoes would be made of silk fabric, leather, and worsteds. The cobbler or “the shoe maker” would be responsible for designing a variety of shoes. Either the shoes would be elevated with heels or flat, commonly, they would be closed with clasps, buckles or ties. The dress may be considered an essential piece of clothing in everyday outfit. Dress used in this sense would mean formal clothing accompanied with a set of accessories. The women’s dress consisted a gown and a petticoat. Usually, homemade, the dress would comprise of Bodice and skirt attached together. The skirt would be split at the front to reveal the petticoat. Dressmaking was one of the most common professions to women who would use imported materials from England. The colonial women wore extremely little or no make up. Only the affluent members of the society would afford the make up. It mainly comprised pure white paste made from lead; a poisonous ingredient that would easily take away lives. Most of the make up would be homemade with simple ingredients such beet juice for lip color, mascara animal fats, bee wax, and eyeliner coal that would cause blindness (Havelin 35).


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