Western Civilization Essay

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Details:Book review. Write a review of the book. Do not
just summarize the book’s contents but also examine its strengths and
weaknesses and place the book in its proper historical context of Sir
thomas moore \”Utopia\”

Here’s a snippet of the essay.


A Review of Thomas More Utopia

Utopia is a revolutionary book; it challenged the modern society, questioning the principles that allowed a few individuals to dominate while the majority poor were down trotted. In an age of censorship, inequality and suppression it made an unequivocal and plain attack on those factors that made the poor live an unfair life (More, 2005). This book has influenced the modern day by revolutionizing the way we read, demonstrating a kind of philosophy through its excellent execution. It influenced literature beyond a means of signification and signs, forcing the reader to question the text and think things in a manner that was not formally demonstrated until Jacques and Roland Barthes in the 20th century.


Utopia challenged the world of politics. It provided an idealistic mirror to the fat face of nobility or aristocracy, the greedy and feudal wealth; and declared these ideals as offensive and corrupt. The book cites a lot of injustices, mainly circulating around the notion that the underprivileged were forced into stealing as a result of their status, and in reaction to this, the government imprisoned them, denying them an opportunity to earn a living and therefore, returning them to square one upon their release. Thomas wrote a large part of Utopia while in Holland where he was trading with wool weavers from Dutch. This trip availed an opportunity for More to see the inequality that existed between those taking care of the English wool producing sheep and the landlords who earned the largest proportion of money. The inequality that existed in England is well depicted by More; this content elicits a sense of anger. Thomas uses Raphael Hythloday who is a fictional character, to portray all this; this leaves the representation of Peter Giles and that of himself to offer a weak protestation (More, 2005).  His utilization of a fictional character was meant to divert the readers from thinking that the criticism was from him.


More tries to offer solutions in his book. He does this by describing Utopia, a communist island state which was located off the Southern America coast. More attempts to demonstrate that there is a means for a country to organize its affairs and avoid extreme inequality; he shows that social impediments can be eliminated, equating everyone and working on a commune foundation with the elimination of all privately held goods and financial transactions (More, 2005). More shows that this was the only logical means of eliminating the huge social divide and ensuring it never emerges again. Contemporarily readers will obviously see this kind of a society through the communist bloc states of the 20th century.


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