Windows Network Proposal Essay.

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Literature Review for a Windows Network Proposal


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


The design and implementation of any businesses’ network enterprise matters a lot in the success of a business. This proposal provides a solution for the Shiv LLC Windows network setup. This proposal will incorporate a solution for the core IT services, such as DNS. In addition it will provide a solution for services, file and print sharing and active directory.  Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V will be installed on all servers in the enterprise. Hyper-V offers support for Shiv LLC’s workload, with its extended support for memory and host processors (Lucey, 2005). Additionally, Hyper-V will allow SHIV LLC to exploit existing servers at the same time taking advantage of new technology for virtualization. Server Core will be set up on all servers for security and reliability. There will be 10 servers for the Shiv LLC’s intranet. Windows Server 2012 will let SHIV LLC to manage its whole Windows network infrastructure as one server in its Los Angeles outlet, with four servers existing at the New York office. The servers and operating systems shall be set up using Windows Deployment Services (WDS). This will let the positioning of images for Shiv LLC’s diverse environment. Multicasting is the transmission technology that will be used to transmit data.  Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK), which is required to install Windows System Image Manage (SIM) used for answer files, will also be downloaded from the windows website and installed.  The server functions will be distributed such that they will take advantage of resource allocation, fault availability, tolerance and security.


Active Directory and DNS


Appropriate practice with domain controllers needs a minimum of two per active directory. Considering the Worldwide Advertising, there are only two domain controllers, one per site. Shiv LLC will place the main domain controller and the Active Directory backup at the Los Angeles office. The Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) will be situated at the branch office for efficiency.  By installing a RODC at the branch office, the WAN link will be freed of unnecessary traffic. Active Directory Integrated Zones will then be deployed so that DNS duplication traffic can be administered through the Active directory. Domain controllers will have universal scope.  The parent domain name will be SHIV LLC.local and the child domains names for each office being LA.SHIV LLC.local, DL.SHIV LLC.local and HS.SHIV LLC.local respectively.  Departments will be established as administrative units containing all staffs at the three offices. Administrative units will be as follows: Accounting, Executive, Sales, HR, Production, Finance, and IT. Share permissions and NTFS will be designed strictly to prevent commercial data from departments except for those who direct use with the data. Head administrators will obligate Full Control over permission alterations for users thus can make changes as he/she sees fit.  The Active Directory scheme for Shiv LLC will take a couple hours and will be accomplished by one administrator.

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