Wireless Networks Questions and Discussions

Topic 2-1: Free or Fee hotspots

Think about wireless hotspots in public places and the fee associated with them. Some businesses look at this as a free service to entice customers. What is your opinion?

Topic 2-3: Training

Discuss what information (such as training) you should provide to the first-time wireless users.

Topic 3-1: Super Wi-Fi

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Do you know about Super Wi-Fi?

Below are two interesting links on the subject: https://gigaom.com/2013/03/17/white-spaces-networks-are-not-super-nor-even-wi-fi/ and http://gizmodo.com/5646259/what-is-super-wi-fi

Will it become widely used? Explain your opinions.

Topic 3-3: Voice over IP (VoIP)

Discuss whether to use wired or wireless Voice over IP (VoIP). What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

Links you may find useful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_over_Internet_Protocol



Topic 4-1: Wireless Network Analyzers

Do you know about AirMagnet, AiroPeet, LinkFerret, and other Wireless Network Analyzers?

Discuss which one you would recommend when performing a site survey.

Topic 4-2: Latest Wireless Attacks

Search the Internet and read about some of the latest attacks that have been launched against wireless systems. Discuss your findings with your classmates.

Topic 5-1: Administering Wireless LANs

“Several best practices can be borrowed from wired network administration including:

  • Configuring devices offline
  • Backing up configurations
  • Document changes
  • Updating devices periodically
  • Performing analysis occasionally”

In your opinion, what will be the wireless network administration’s best practices for small to medium size companies?

Topic 5-3: Wireless Common Problems

Discuss with your classmates common wireless problems and how to deal with those problems.

Topic 6-1: Sysinternals Security Utilities

Please read the following links about Sysinternal Security Utilities. List at least two utilities with their advantages and disadvantages that can be used to secure wireless networks.

Sysinternal Security Utilities Web link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb795534

Topic 6-2: Wireless Virtual LAN (VLAN)

Would a wireless Virtual LAN (VLAN) be useful to the organization? Explain your opinion.

Two links that you may find useful on this topic: http://academic.csuohio.edu/yuc/papers/VLAN.pdf


Topic 7-1: Secure Shell (SSH)

What is Secure Shell (SSH)? Discuss its strengths and weaknesses with your classmates.

Interesting link about SSH Helper: http://www.mynitor.com/2010/08/16/top-50-ssh-helper-tools-omg/

Topic 7-2: New Wireless Technologies

Search the Internet to find new wireless technologies and discuss your findings with your classmates.

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